Shower seating can play an important role in the safety and comfort of your bathing experience. A shower seat can be added to standard showers and help to bring peace of mind to elderly and disabled occupants. 

However, homeowners can choose various shower seating options for their bathrooms. This article will discuss the three main shower seating options and their features. 

Built-In Shower Seats

If you want to seamlessly integrate a shower seating option, the best option is a built-in shower seat. This shower seat has a bench and corner option that can be added to a traditional shower.

The main benefits of a built-in shower seat are the design options and durability of the seating. A built-in seat can be customized to match the overall style of the shower and blend perfectly.

Additionally, the seating is supported by the bathroom's wall studs and metal supports for impressive stability. When installed by an experienced bathroom remodeler, a shower seat can have a weight limit of up to 900 lbs or more! 

Fold-Down Seats

When working with limited space in your bathroom, a folding seat can add new functionality to the shower. Occupants not requiring the seat can fold it up to bring more space into the shower.

If someone has limited mobility, the fold-down seat can be used to help them achieve a safer bathing experience. Depending on the homeowner's preferences, there are various sizes and design options for fold-down seats.

However, the fold-down seat does not have the same stability and design options as a built-in seat. The seat comes in select styles that the customer can choose for their shower space.

Moveable Shower Seats

Do you value flexibility in your shower seating? If you want the ability to move your shower seat to different locations, the moveable shower seat is the ideal choice. 

The moveable shower seat can be relocated around the bathroom and provide a sturdy seat for occupants. When cleaning, the moveable seat can be removed and free up more space. 

For added comfort, these moveable seats come with various padding to help create an enjoyable experience. Additionally, the moveable seats come in different sizes depending on the person's requirements. 

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