Bath and Shower Wall Accessories

When designing your new Chicagoland bathroom, there’s an overwhelming amount of options to choose from. On top of having to choose flooring, lighting, a shower or tub, vanity, and toilet, you’re also stuck wondering which accessories to select. The following are some of the major accessories found in the wet-bath area:

  • Luxury Shower Heads
  • Built-in Shelving
  • Accessibility Accessories

Luxury Shower Head Selections

During your Illinois bathroom renovation, one of the most important choices you’ll have to make is which shower head you’ll use. This is important because it’ll be the component that gets the most use in the shower or bathtub. You’ll find that there’s an array of choices in many metallic finishes.

A luxury rainhead shower is a stunning bathroom upgrade but typically reduces the water pressure. A slide bar is great for accessibility as it can adjust to standing or seated levels. A fixed showerhead may look beautiful, but it is not adjustable for different angles. Finally, the adjustable shower head is one of the most popular options for it’s flexibility and convenience.

Built-in Shelving Options

Choosing the perfect shelving solution for your luxury new shower or bathtub is one of the hardest decisions to make because there are so many options. Many homeowners are left wondering what option will be most convenient and easiest to clean. Here are some of the most popular shelving choices in Chicagoland:

  • Soap Dishes: The infamous soap dish is one of the wall surround options that is the most burdensome to clean. Although it is a convenient place for a soap bar, a lot of the product is lost from water running down the wall.
  • Shower Niches: Shower niches are built into the shower or bath wall and must be calculated in the bathroom renovation. Niches are often incorporated into tile surrounds for added character.
  • Shower Shelves: Regular shower shelves are probably the most popular shelving options because many prefabricated shower surrounds already have shelves built-in.
  • Corner Caddies: Corner caddies are a no-commitment option for a seamless shower or bath wall. A caddie can be accessorized to match your existing metal hardware.

ADA Accessible Upgrades

When considering what accessories to add to your bathtub or shower, it’s important to analyze the function of the space. If you’re planning on aging in place or expecting elderly family members to stay over, accessibility is very important for independence and comfort. Consider adding grab bars and a shower seat to your bathroom accessories for a more accessible bathroom in Illinois.

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