Replacement Bathtubs vs Bathtub Liners

When you need a new tub, installing a bathtub liner seems like a tempting option. It’s more affordable than a replacement tub and installation is typically faster—BUT there are also some benefits of opting for a quality replacement tub that you won’t get with a tub liner.

Here are a few things to consider before installing a tub liner:

Style Options

A tub liner is molded to fit over your existing tub. That means when you choose a tub liner, you’re limited to the existing style of your tub. On the other hand, the style options with a replacement tub are endless. The Bath Center offers dozens of style and color combinations, so you’ll have total design control and be able to install a tub that complements the other design features of the space.

Potential Structural Issues

If even a tiny gap is left when installing a tub liner, water can pool between the liner and the tub. Over time, this can cause moisture-related issues and, in some cases, could even compromise the structural integrity of the floor beneath the tub.

Uncovering Water and Mold Damage

One of the good things about installing a new tub is that it provides a chance to inspect the subfloor and surrounding area. This allows for the opportunity to identify and address mold issues, weaknesses in the subfloor, and other issues. With a tub liner, any such problems will remain hidden and can continue to worsen over time.

Accessibility Options

If the reason for considering a bathroom remodel includes the need for better accessibility, a tub replacement is the way to go. Walk-in replacement tubs offer safety features, such as a low threshold, grab bars, and a comfortable built-in seat that allows for independent bathing.

Are you worried about cost?

If a lower price is the only thing making a tub liner more attractive to you, keep in mind that The Bath Center offers simple financing options with attractive terms and low monthly payments that make it easier to budget for the new tub you want.

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